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  • Infants Car Seat Safety Head Support Adjustable Belt

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    Product Description:

    Absolute MUST HAVE for your child, one-year-old and up, in a forward-facing car seat or booster seat! This adjustable baby head support is a smart solution that helps kids of all ages sleep safely and comfortably on long trips in the car or an airplane. Unique to the market, this innovative travel head support is specifically designed to keep a child's head from falling forward or side-to-side when asleep in a car seat.

    Simply attach the head Support to the seat belt guides on any forward-facing car seat or high-back booster seat to create a supportive cushion between the chin and chest. This keeps a child in a natural, upright sitting position for a more restful and comfortable sleep while still safely buckled in the car seat. The travel baby head support easily attaches to the seat belt guides. Designed to fit most forward-facing car seats and for children at least 1-year-old.


    • 100% Brand New & High quality
    • Material: Cloth

      Main Specifications:

      • Age: Toddler (1 year or old)
      • Seating Direction

        : Forward
      • Facing: Forward
      • Size: Max Length :107cm ( Adjustable )